Products and Services

Custom Made Diamond/CBN Tool Types:

We offer a wide range of custom made tools.  Since most tooling requires some type of customization, your application will define its design.  Listed below are just some of the types of tools we offer.  You can always share your application or concept with our engineers to design the perfect tool for you.  


  • Various Styles up to 30” diameter

  • Custom Geometries

  • Dressing or Direct Grinding

  • Double Disc Grinding

  • Form Grinding

  • Thread Grinding


  • Customized for Your Finish Requirements

  • Various Diameters and Thicknesses

  • Internal/External Lapping

SAWS (Diamond or CBN)

  • Various Styles/Geometries up to 30” in diameter

  • Hole and Core Saws

  • Slot, Stripe, Pin Hole, Key Hole

  • Cut-off, Slicing, or Grooving

MANDRELS/hones/PINS (Diamond or CBN)

  • Custom sizes and geometries

  • Reamers

  • Form Grinding (Shank Mounted)

  • Core Drills

  • Bull Nose Drills

  • Bore Finishers/Hones

  • Jig Grinding

  • Bottom/Surface Grinding

  • Expandable Hones

  • Routers

  • Carbide Shank


  • Files

  • Pads

  • Dressing Blocks/Rolls

  • Cluster Dressers

  • Bars up to 6 feet in length

Strip and Reconditioning

We can recondition your existing tools by stripping the worn out diamond or CBN.  Once stripped, we check the integrity of the core and can re-machine it on-site if needed.  Saving you time and money is what we are all about!

We understand that success in this industry is based on performance. Being a quality focused company, we would like to share success with you.  Send in your existing tooling done by our competition for a NO COST strip and re-coat so you can evaluate the difference*.  *Excludes shipping costs. Substrate geometry must be intact otherwise this will need remachining, which is not included.  Original part sent in cannot change in the previous spec and must include a print.

Have reoccurring work that needs strip and recoat?  We would love to get a chance at your business!  For every 9 identical parts that simultaneously come in for strip and replate, get the 10th at NO COST!


Electroplating Capabilities

  • Grit particle sizes from as large as .067” to as small as 3.8 microns

  • All types and grades of synthetic/natural diamond and CBN

  • Wheels/Saws up to 30” diameter and up to 1,000lbs in weight

  • Custom fixtures made for production plating large quantities of mandrels, pins, and files.

  • Nickel plating on steel for anti-corrosion applications

Precision Machining

We have extensive in-house machining capabilities that let us provide you with quick and cost effective solutions.  We also accommodate full production orders.
Our capabilities include:

  • CNC Turning – up to 20” diameter

  • CNC Milling up 50” x 25”

  • CNC Milling with 4th Axis

  • Manual milling and turning for low-level production

  • Drilling, tapping, boring, or any machined modifications

  • Band saw cutting

  • Surface Grinding

  • Extensive CAD/CAM capability for designing your project

  • Magnified optical dimensioning to reverse engineer your tooling requirements

  • High-Resolution Laser marking and engraving for your logo and/or serial/part numbers

Laser marking system at Wunderlich Superabrasives, Inc.