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Wunderlich Superabrasives, Inc, f/k/a Wunderlich Diamond Tool Corp., is a solely US-based manufacturer of the highest quality custom-made electroplated diamond and CBN tools.  Our superior quality of tools and expertise in cutting and grinding has been the core of our success since 1982.  Whether you need a tool reversed engineered to your application, or if you need your current applications optimized for maximum performance, Wunderlich Superabrasives, Inc. has your solution.  We know the factors involved that can make your production a success or failure. Material type, machining speeds, close tolerances, and tool longevity are just some of the factors we pay close attention to when we manufacture our tools so you can achieve the best possible results.  We will guide you through the steps of creating perfection that will carry over from our machinery to yours.

Have existing tooling that you would like to improve? We also can provide expert advice!  Our team of engineers know firsthand how to enhance the performance of your tools so you can achieve the level of productivity you expect.  Every tool we manufacture or recondition comes with a guarantee that it will meet or exceed the performance and quality you demand.  If not, you can return it no questions asked.  

Need quick turnaround?  We know that you need a superior working product, and sometimes you need it quickly. Our in -house machine shop gives us the ability to create the most intricate geometries and complex forms quickly and cost effectively.  Certain custom form grinding wheels can be expedited as quickly as 24 hours!  We are here to help!  Our tools are used in many industries, and by some of the world’s largest manufacturers.  References are available upon request. 


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Industries Served

  • SPRING GRINDING and many more!



We strive to produce the best tools in the industry, paying attention to details that very few companies can.  Our satisfaction guarantee is very simple: If our tools don't meet or exceed your expectations, simply return it for a refund or a no cost rework.  

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